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GEL Mattress WH-0703

GEL Mattress WH-0703


GEL Mattress WH-0703

Materials:100% enviromental PU polymer GEL

Size:(1)0.85m*1.8m*0.5cm for single size       Weight:

        (2)1.2m*1.8m*0.5cm for double size       Weight:

        (3)1.4m*1.9m*0.5cm  for  queen size      Weight:

        (4)1.7m*1.9m*0.5cm for  king size           Weight:

        (5)1m*1.9m*0.5cm  for king single size    Weight:

Color:As your requirement

Odor: NO

Shelf time: Long

OEM,ODM,Free sample and free design are provided!!



GEL Mat for memory mattress or Latex Mattress WH-0703








1)  Made out of high quality super soft foam material for a comfortable night sleep.


2)  Composed of dense, high quality memory foam,luxurious comfort and firm support. Experience the most restful nights sleep of your life. 


3)  Mildew proof, antibacterial, anti-fungal and non allergenic. Support your body ,Comfortable and reduce the pressure, Safe, Non-toxic, Environmental


4)  Fit for the family, school, hospital, hotel ect, especially to hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, heat insomnia, bed-ridden, has significant therapeutic efficacy of the auxiliary


5) Offering you a environmentally friendly sleeping,not need open the air-condition, economize the electricity charge in summer 


6) Accelerate the blood circulation and effectively help you release more harmful materials when you sleep.


7)OEM order and ODM order are welcome

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